"We lead inspired action to improve learning outcomes for students in government schools in India via four pillars"


Transform builds high-quality modular scalable offerings for the whole school to solve problems to impact learning and life outcomes in partnership with end-users.

The Utkarsh programme (Transform Learning in Odisha) presents a promising opportunity to tackle the learning crisis many states may be facing

Dr. Sabrin Beg

J-PAL affiliated PI


We iterate and test offerings for multiple geographies, situations and use feedback, measurement, analysis and research to improve the relevance and efficacy.

Transform is the sectoral leader in the secondary school space. I have been helping them with a clear theory of change, focus on efficacy and scalability. Their robust use of data for tracking learning, equity outcomes, leveraging public partnerships and technology is already showing tangible changes at grassroots level and makes them an organisation to look out for

SK Jain

Founder and Managing Partner,
RatnaTraya Capital


Understanding and addressing social determinants, inclusion and equity in education is a focus.

Transform provides a strongly evidenced catch-up education programme at scale, leveraging teachers, head teachers and State governments as partners and maintaining quality through codified assurance processes. Transform's work to enable a generation of young people to stay on course and complete their education has never been more important

Rebecca Eastmond

Co-Founder and CEO,
Greenwood Place


We outpace the problem and scale our solutions by working in partnerships – Investors, Government, Civil Society, Tech, Community Organisations.

Over two years spent with them as a funder and thought partner, I realised that scale ambition was a part of the organisation's culture. When coupled with their data driven thought process, resulted in a formidable product and to scalable impact on the ground, a rarely achieved combination in the social sector

Akshay Soni

Managing Director,
Accelerator, The Nudge/CSI

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Kusuma Trust UK is the founding investor for Transform Schools

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