Children in public schools in India aren’t learning. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) and the National Achievement Survey 2017 (NAS) show the enormity of the learning deficits. As children in India progress from Class 3 to 8, the percentage of correct responses for language, Science and Mathematics decreases. Transform’s learning assessments show that 70% of children in Class 9 do not have appropriate learning levels.

Teachers are ill equipped to teach. Teaching is often uninspiring - subject knowledge, teaching methods and class management skills are poor. Teacher training is ineffective and does not focus on learning outcomes. Head teachers and school governing committees do not have the management knowledge and skills to improve school standards and student outcomes. There are 39 million secondary students in India, and very few efforts at scale to address issues in education1.

Transform Initiative is based on interventions developed and tested in India with the support of Kusuma Trust UK. and N/Core Several of these interventions for ‘the whole school’ have been effective, scalable and led to improved capacities of teachers, head teachers and school governing committees and improvements in student learning levels. Programme lessons and research findings have been used to successfully support and influence State governments to scale up interventions by delivering training, customising resources and tracking progress and quality of implementation.

These offerings and their scalability have been recognised in National and State level reviews with several States seeking support to replicate and scale these offerings.

Kusuma’s contribution has resulted in significant traction in an uncharted and important area of secondary education. Transform Initiative to take this work forward to impact lives of millions of children.

Transform Schools is a collaboration of People For Action and The Transform Trust.