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The Initiative

Transform is working in 67,000 government secondary schools to improve the learning outcomes of 2.4 million children across four States in India, increasing their transition to higher education and access to career opportunities. We do this by providing rigorously tested tools and training to teachers, students, governing bodies and parents.

By 2021, we aim to impact learning levels of 6.5 million children by fostering partnerships with seven State governments and multiple donors to effect system wide interventions. We will enable,

  • 4.5 million students to improve their learning levels in elementary and secondary schools
  • 1.9 million students to attain Class appropriate learning levels in elementary and secondary schools
  • 166,000 teachers to reach the proficient level of our standardised teaching competency framework, which ranges from learner to proficient to expert.


Every child and young person deserves the opportunity to realise their full potential and thrive.


We improve learning outcomes for young people in India, increasing their access to better education and career opportunities.

How We Work

  • We take a systems perspective to address core issues in education at scale partnering with students, school governors, teachers and State government
  • We leverage our rigorously tested models, resources and donor funding to provide technical assistance to the State governments
  • We partner with State governments who make significant investments to implement and sustain our model at scale.

The Transform Model

We improve education through four core Transform interventions:

Transform – Learning

Ensures secondary school readiness

  • Accelerated learning programme and resources for improving student learning outcomes in key subjects
  • Teacher training to deliver the programme
  • Assessments for measuring learning levels
  • Accredited teaching and learning resources covering Class 3-8 competencies.


  • Randomised Controlled Trial by J-PAL South Asia is underway. A pilot of this study reveals that the average effect of participation in Transform-Learning is equivalent to upto 2.5 years of typical progress in school
  • Evaluation established a positive correlation between participation and test score gains
  • Average 44% students transitioned to the next higher level across subjects
  • Class appropriate learning levels increased by 3X in Odia, by 8X in Mathematics, by 6X in English and by 17X in Science in 2018-2019.

Transform – Teaching

Improves teacher effectiveness

  • Teacher training, resources, and follow up coaching to improve lesson preparation, teaching, and assessment
  • Accredited teaching and learning resources for Classes 9 and 10, and online content curated by experts.


  • Participation in our trainings and follow-up school based coaching leads to improved teacher performance and student learning
  • Tracking teacher performance on our teacher competency framework shows that at the end of the assessment:
    • 82% of teachers rated as learners, moved up to the proficient level
    • 21% of teachers rated as proficient, moved up to the expert level.

Transform – School Management

Improves school standards

  • Training, resources, and follow up coaching for head teachers and school governors to improve school standards
  • Accredited manual and tools for school standards, planning, academic monitoring, and performance review for governing bodies.


  • Our intervention with 14,817 school governing body members doubled the governors with correct knowledge of school standards from 36% to 72%
  • Out of the 1,285 schools that participated in our programme, 78% of schools developed annual plans for the first time.

Transform- PARity

Builds girls’ agency to challenge barriers and identify enablers for gender equity

  • Participatory Action and Reflection (PAR) is used by girls to understand continuities between social and academic spaces
  • Builds agency to manage gender and intersectional social norms which govern decision making
  • Establishes schools as safe spaces for realising participation, agency, and equity

Transform - Back to School

Supports re-entry of out of school children into schools

  • Identification of out of school students through a network of community actors
  • Campaigns and outreach to bring children back to school
  • Enable accelerated learning and access to government schemes to ensure retention

Transform – Technical Advice

Improves education programmes and systems

  • Bespoke solutions to State education programmes for quality improvement
  • Real time and online monitoring system to track process and impact indicators
  • Public events and position papers to share lessons learnt.


  • Developed technical advisory partnerships with the governments of Odisha and Chhattisgarh
  • Provided advisory services to Government of Odisha for designing their library programme ‘Ama Pathagaar’
  • Evaluated the ‘Ganitha Kalika Andolana’ programme which focuses on early grade mathematics learning for Government of Odisha, implemented by Akshara Foundation to inform government decision on its expansion in State.

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