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Transform Learning

A proven 200-hour accelerated learning programme with high quality accredited resources for middle and secondary students and teachers. Targets outcomes in Science, English, Math, Hindi, Odia, Telugu and Urdu.

Target Outcomes

  • Children demonstrate learning gains.

  • Children with a bucket jump-below Class 3 to 3 to 5 to 8 levels.

  • Children that attain class appropriate levels.

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3.9 Million



Transform Teaching

Proven to improve teacher effectiveness on Subject Knowledge, Pedagogy and Classroom Management practices through trainings, resources, and follow up coaching to improve lesson preparation, teaching and assessment.

Target Outcomes

  • Teachers that complete programme.

  • Teachers with improved teaching proficiency.

  • Teachers with improved digital skills.

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Transform School Management

Build leadership and management competencies in Strategic, Academic and Administrative domains through trainings, resources, and follow up coaching for head teachers and school governors to improve school standards. A variant works with heads teachers of girls’ schools focussed on gendered leadership practices and outcomes.

Target Outcomes

  • Head teachers develop as education leaders and effective managers in their schools.

  • Schools improve in three fourth of the national school evaluation standards.

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Transform PARity

Proven to build girls’ agency to challenge barriers and identify enablers for gender equity through Participatory Action and Reflection (PAR). A variant of focusses on STEM learning, aspirations and building science capital.

Target Outcomes

  • Girls demonstrate increased awareness of gender norms.

  • Schools qualify as safe spaces for realising equal participation and agency.

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Back To School

Supports re-entry and retention of children in schools through community and learning interventions.

Target Outcomes

  • Identified children re-enrolled and retained.

  • Children improve learning outcomes.

  • Vulnerable children identified and connected with formal or distance education.

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Masti Ki Paathshaala

Joyful Learning: An at-home, activity-based learning programme supporting students to re-build foundational competencies and gain essential socio-emotional skills.

Target Outcomes

  • Children build resilience & emotional self-awareness.

  • Children’s learning slide arrested and they develop mastery on key foundational competencies.

  • Children build 21st-century skills including creativity and communication.

  • Children build awareness on using social media safely & creatively.

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Kusuma Trust UK is the founding investor for Transform Schools

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