The Story

Transform Schools, People For Action embarked on a mission to address learning and equity outcomes in secondary school education in India in 2019. This journey is built upon a solid foundation and lineage of a decade long work and impact the founding team had at the India arm of the Kusuma Trust UK.

The work of Transform Schools, People For Action focusses on intersection of learning and equity. Today, children worldwide are grappling implications of COVID-19 school closures. Even though all 268M students in India are impacted, access and quality of education is worse off for government schools. 80% of children enrolled in these schools are from poor households.

Our work shows that

  • 70% of children do not possess age-appropriate learning in secondary schools.

  • Just 40% of all children have access to online teaching, consequently student participation, learning and continuity is being impacted.

  • An alarming 26.9% of students drop out of secondary schools.

We started up with clarity, ambition, grit, investment, a clear theory of change and irrefutable evidence of our impact. Like many small organisations, 2020 in hindsight gave us challenges, turbulence and heartbreak. It also fuelled deep commitment to furthering learning and life opportunities for children for whom COVID-19 may not be the first or the last bump in their journeys.

While the problem seems overwhelming, we address it by taking our tested, proven and award winning “whole school” offerings to scale. We aim to reach 20M children by 2025 via government, civil society and investor partnerships.

With counsel from our board, advisors and patient investors we were able to rebuild. Our committed and creative team steadied the ship and resumed our journey. Today our work is propelling learning for 3.9M students and we use all that the last year taught us to rebuild our organisation and the education system better.

This can change the education landscape of India as these children represent 50% of all children in middle and secondary schools in India. We are obsessed about this as our children represent India’s future, national aspirations and will soon be world’s largest workforce.

Here is a link to Team Transform’s publications and musings to track our journey


Every child and young person deserves the opportunity to realise their full potential and thrive.


We improve learning outcomes for young people in India, increasing their access to better education and career opportunities.


We are:






Scale Focussed

Kusuma Trust UK is the founding investor for Transform Schools