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Navigating School Closures

Recent global estimates suggest that school closures, unequal access to technology-based educational inputs, and other disruptions caused by the..... Read More

Education Budget 2020

To make our budget and policy level intentions count, creative partnerships between the government and the private sector, civil society..... Read More

Transform School’s participatory monitoring system

The key focus of the event is to introduce the M&E systems used by Transform Schools to measure the learning outcomes of students at scale. Through this even..... Read More

Vox Populi

The organisation is leading change

There is no doubt that during the past couple of decades, we have managed to get most of the children to a school in India ...Read More


Travelling to India as part of the Greenwood Place community has led me to think about my philanthropy in a new, and more holistic, way ...Read More

Supporting More Than 7 Million Students In India

For the third consecutive year we are delighted to be able to support People for Action in India. Our grant of £188,437 will ...Read More

GiveIndia and Sattva collaborate

Bengaluru-based GiveIndia has launched a new ed-tech initiative aimed at enabling online access to education for ...Read More

Creating sustained impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people profoundly across the world, regardless of age, education, income, or gender ...Read More

Transform Schools’ Pledges To Improve Education

Transform Schools has rapidly scaled its models to reach 2.4 million children in 67,833 schools, across 4 States of Odisha, Chhattisgarh ...Read More

Transform Schools leads Digital Safety

Transform Schools, People For Action (PFA), is a non-profit organisation working with close to 1 lakh government schools across five States in India with its commitment to improving student ...Read More

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Kusuma Trust UK is the founding investor for Transform Schools