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232. Subhashree  Ghibela (14) during a maths lesson at Sason High School, Sambalpur © Sam



Transform Schools is evolving! Come check out our new brand.

Since we began in 2019, we have made strong progress on our mission to impact learning for students in secondary, and have reached 9.1M students across six states. We want to achieve more and now aim to impact learning for 20M students by 2030.

Our old logo - drawn with chalk to prompt the nostalgia of the classroom, anchored our efforts over the past four years to take inspired action to improve learning. It is time to move to a brand that reflects our evolution. Thanks to Studio Gradient, we have developed a new identity, both visual and narrative.

We wanted our new logo to be clean, simple and convey our values and personality. It speaks to the new horizon we have drawn for ourselves - impacting 20M students over 2025-2030, as well as the pathways we need to create and leverage to reach our ambitious goal.

Our work in education is made unique by our collaborative and whole system approach, that depends both on depth of expertise and fresh thinking.

Delta implies, structure, stability and change. In our new logo, the use of multiple facets deepens the delta’s dynamic nature, and represents - confluence, collaboration and the impact-focus that we bring to our work in the sector. The shades of blue speak to our ability for blue sky thinking as well our holistic approach to solving challenges in education.


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