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Our Work

We work with Government schools to bridge the learning gap by addressing key challenges that compromise a child's learning. We have found that concerted efforts by the State system and its actors can effectively identify and address learning losses and reduce dropouts.

Our programmes and innovations improve teaching, learning and school management to enhance learning and life outcomes for children, by employing a systems-wide partnership approach that engages a community of actors including teachers, parents, school leaders and system actors, to create measurable impact.

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Back to School
Science Capital
Transform Learning
Transform PARity
Accelerated Learning via Tech (ALT)
Future School Leaders 
Transform Teaching
Data For Decisons
Critical Thinking

IMPACT at scale

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Transform Learning

Targeted instruction model to address cumulative learning loss and prepare students for grade-level learning.

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Future School Leaders Programme

Leadership training for school leaders to strengthen their capabilities and enable better school standards, management and governance.


Transform Back To School.png

Transform Back to School

Community-based bridge learning programme to support students at risk, or who have dropped out, to re-enter schooling.

Transform PARity.png

Transform PARity

Participatory workshops to enable adolescent girls to understand and challenge gender-based barriers, through Participatory Action and Reflection (PAR).

Transform Teaching.png

Transform Teaching

Teacher professional development to strengthen teacher competencies in subject knowledge, pedagogy and classroom management, to improve their effectiveness and self efficacy.

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Critical Thinking

At-home, self-learning modules to re-build foundational competencies and build critical thinking skills.

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Science Capital

Learning programme with a gender lens to build adolescent girls’ knowledge and interest in STEM.

Accelerated Learning via Tech.png

Accelerated Learning via Tech (ALT)

Blended teaching-learning and management powered by technology.

Data For Decisions.png

Data For Decisions

A machine learning and predictive analysis tool for actionable insights to improve teaching-learning and its management.

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Identifying highest-risk students through machine learning to mitigate dropouts.

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