The Idea

  • Learning deficits among secondary school children are chronic and pervasive. They do not allow our children, economy and the society to fulfil their potential.

  • We believe that learning deficits are tractable. We focus on developing, testing and scale-up of powerful interventions to achieve that.

  • We have evidence that our systems focussed work with the whole school - teachers, students, community and parents improves learning, equity and life outcomes. Our rigorously tested approach, models, tools, training and content is now used by 3.9M students. These span Six States and 83 districts and 68K schools.

  • We believe that improving learning and the lives of children in poverty at scale is an idea whose time has come. We need your partnership to scale and impact 20M children by 2025.


Transform Learning
A proven 200-hour accelerated learning programme with high quality accredited resources for middle, secondary students and teachers.
Transform Teaching
Proven to improve teacher effectiveness on subject knowledge, pedagogy and classroom practices through trainings, resources, and follow up coaching to improve lesson preparation, teaching, and assessment.
Masti Ki Paathshaala
Joyful Learning: An at-home, activity-based learning programme supporting students to re-build foundational competencies and gain essential socio-emotional skills.
Transform School Management
Build leadership and management competencies in strategic, academic and administrative domains through training, resources, and follow up coaching for head teachers and school governors to improve school standards.
Back To School
Supports re-entry of out of school children into schools through community and learning interventions.
Transform Parity
Builds girls’ agency to challenge barriers and identify enablers for gender equity through Participatory Action and Reflection (PAR).

Watch the story of Transform Schools in improving
the student learning outcomes in India.

With our proven programme models and results, we are curbing India’s learning crisis at the secondary school level.

Kusuma Trust UK is the founding donor for Transform Schools